Bachelor of Vocation in Medical Lab Technology

Course Name Bachelor of Vocation in Medical Lab Technology
Course Level Bachelors
Course Duration 2 or 3 years
Course Eligibility For lateral – 10 + 3 (SSC + Diploma )/ 12 + 1 ( 12th + DMLT )
Average Salary INR Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 per year.
Areas of Employment Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Labs, Nursing homes
Government Affiliation Yes

What is a Bachelor of Vocation in Medical Lab Technology?

It is an undergraduate-level vocational training program. Technically, it is a Bachelor’s Degree course. This training program will help you build a decent career in the allied healthcare sector. Lab technician, lab technologist, lab supervisor – these are some of the job profiles that you will have access to.

B.Voc. Medical Lab Technology deals with the pathology laboratory aspects. The program trains young candidates and turns them into skilled medical laboratory technologists. B.Voc. program is 3 years course with the provision of exit options such as

  • Diploma after completing 1 year of the program
  • Advanced Diploma after completing 2 years of the program
  • Bachelor’s Degree after completing 3 years of the program

Why you should take Bachelor of Vocation in Medical Lab Technology?

Enrolling in a Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc) program in Medical Lab Technology offers a comprehensive education that equips you with the knowledge and practical skills necessary for a successful career in healthcare. This program not only provides a deep understanding of medical lab techniques, but also offers hands-on experience with advanced equipment, preparing you for roles in clinical laboratories, research institutions, and healthcare settings. With a high demand for skilled medical lab technologists, job opportunities are abundant, and your work will have a direct impact on accurate diagnoses, patient care, and medical advancements, making it a rewarding pathway for those seeking a meaningful and impactful career in the healthcare field.


Choosing to pursue this course from SCOPE Paramedical Institute is a wise decision, as it offers an exceptional learning environment that combines cutting-edge education with practical training. With a reputation for excellence in healthcare education, SCOPE provides state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and an industry-relevant curriculum that ensures you gain both the theoretical foundation and hands-on skills needed to excel in the field. By joining SCOPE, you’ll be part of a supportive community that values personalized attention, fosters critical thinking, and encourages professional growth, providing you with a strong foundation to succeed in your career as a competent and skilled medical lab technologist.

What does a Bachelor of Vocation in Medical Lab Technology Do?

Their main task is to assist the Pathologist in examining clinical specimens and arriving at a conclusion. MLT professionals are capable of performing tasks such as –

  • Collecting clinical specimens of patients
  • Labelling clinical specimens
  • Safely storing the specimens
  • Examining the specimen by subjecting it to specific tests
  • Writing down the findings
  • Passing down his/her observations to the main pathologist

To perform the above-mentioned tasks, an MLT professional must be knowledgeable about aspects such as

– specimen collection techniques, specimen storage techniques, examination methods, operating relevant diagnostic equipment, preparing reports, pathology, diseases in human beings, etc

Career Prospects

Career Prospects

  • Hospitals ( Pathology Lab )
  • Clinics (Pathology Lab )
  • Medical Labs
  • Nursing Homes

MLT professionals have access to the following job profiles:

  • Lab Technician
  • Lab Assistant
  • Lab Supervisor
  • Lab Manager
  • Senior Lab Assistant
  • Lab Analyst

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