Certificate course in Operation Theatre Technician

  • Eligibility: 10th – Pass / Fail, 12th any stream
  • Mode: Online & Offline available


Today, we live in a world that moves forward with advancements in technology every minute. In the old days, one would rather continue taking medicines to fight a condition than go for surgery. This was because of a lot of reasons like low awareness about healthcare, less technology, and more risk. Thanks to the advancements in the medical industry, surgeries are no more taboo. People are way more comfortable with getting surgeries done as they’ve become safer and more advanced.

This creates a huge locale for well-trained and professional operation theatre technicians who are well versed with the newest innovations in the industry. We, at SCOPE, help you become that technician.

The Operation Theatre Technician course trains students to become thorough with all the pre and post-surgery procedures. The course also enables students to learn how to assist surgeons inside an operation theatre, transport patients, prepare the operating room for surgery, set up, check, connect and adjust surgical equipment, technical assistance to surgeons, clean & restock the operating room, arranging instruments & supplies.

The operation theatre technician is also responsible for other technical things like lighting, sounds, and other things that are important during surgery. It is majorly the OT technician which is responsible for the smooth running of the surgical process. They help the doctors, nurses, surgeons, anesthetists, and other administrative staff. It is very important for an OT technician to be calm and reassuring to provide comfort to the patient.

Job Description

  • Transporting patients
  • Preparing the operating room for surgery
  • Setting up, checking, connecting, and adjusting surgical equipment
  • Technical assistance to surgeons
  • Cleaning & restocking the operating room
  • Arranging instruments and supplies

Career Prospects

An operation theatre technician has a possible employment opportunity at almost every place with a surgery ward. From government hospitals, private hospitals, to clinics with surgery wards, an OT technician can be employed to help the smooth running of various procedures.

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