Diploma course in Medical Laboratory Technology

  • Eligibility: 10th – Pass / Fail, 12th any stream
  • Mode: Online & Offline available


With increasing awareness about healthcare, people have been actively participating in things that contribute to their health and wellbeing. Owing to this, the job of a well-trained medical laboratory technician has become more popular and more in demand than ever.

Medical laboratory technicians play an important role in the prevention and diagnosis of various diseases including cancer, diabetes, and AIDS. Medical lab technicians work under the supervision of a physician, lab manager, or medical technologist and perform laboratory tests on specimens.

The medical laboratory technicians are the ones who do the blood collection and perform the various diagnostic tests by analysing body fluids like blood, saliva, and urine, tissues, microorganism screening, chemical analyses, and cell counts of the human body. A diploma helps gain a better position in the laboratory workflow.

The tests that lab technicians conduct assist doctors in verifying the causes of an illness, making medical decisions, and determining treatment options. Some of the areas in which medical lab technicians specialise include:

  • Microbiology
  • Hematology
  • Blood banking
  • Immunology
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Molecular biology
  • Cytotechnology
  • Histotechnology

Job Description

  • Setting up and sanitizing laboratories
  • Preparing specimens
  • Matching blood compatibility for transfusions
  • Analysing fluid chemical content
  • Collecting blood samples and examine immune system elements
  • Handling sophisticated laboratory equipment, including cell counters, microscopes, and automated analysers

Career Prospects

A transition phase from curative to preventive in the healthcare industry, increased general population awareness of healthcare, and the advancement of information technology has paved the way for great career prospects in the paramedical medical study profession.

Students who pursue a Diploma Course In Medical Laboratory Technology have a wide array of employment areas that they can explore according to their specialisation and interest. This course for lab technicians will provide ample opportunities for the students to decide what they’re interested in.

The medical laboratory technicians get involved in practical and technical work to aid correct diagnosis and effective functioning of biochemical laboratories. They work effectively in private and government hospitals, clinics, corporate hospitals, diagnostic centers, laboratories, and medical colleges.

Medical lab technician starts a career as a technician and has an opportunity to become laboratory supervisor, laboratory in-charge, technical in-charge, operation In-charge, center manager, and quality control manager. Ultimately, one can take the charge and decide which direction one wants to go to from the variety of options one gets after completing this course for lab technicians.

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