• Duration: 1 year
  • Eligibility: SSC/HSC + Certificate in Radiology Technician
  • Mode: Online/ Offline available


With rapid urbanisation and the requirement of high-tech medical facilities, diagnostic centers have emerged as one of the more successful businesses in the economy. These centers provide medical diagnostic services to hospitals that lack well-equipped and proper radiological departments. With this massive step up in urbanisation and numerous hospitals being established in the country, there is a dearth in the number of skilled and qualified professionals in Radiology.

The MRI Technician course is a subsection of Radiology. For the students interested in the medical field, MRI Technician is a glorious field to work in whether you are after a great salary or reputed status, MRI Technician courses are a great option to choose for. MRI Technicians know the below subjects-

  • Basic principles of magnetic resonance
  • MR Pulse Sequences
  • Biological effects MR and X-Rays on the human body
  • Know about the selection of MR Coils

Job Description

  • MRI technologists specialise in magnetic resonance imaging scanners by injecting patients with contrast media, such as a dye so that the images will show up on the scanner so that a physician can use them to diagnose a medical problem
  • Explaining the MRI process to patients and ensuring the patients comply with all safety standards
  • Positioning, and possibly sedating, patients to capture clear images of the correct area of the body
  • Removing and then replacing IVs and catheters for the MRI process
  • Maneuvering the MRI equipment and positioning it to capture the correct images
  • Monitoring patients during scanning and maintaining patients’ records
  • Monitoring MRI equipment functions
  • Ensuring clear images for Physicians to provide accurate diagnoses
  • Recognizing abnormalities and irregularities in images

Career Prospects

With the aging population and increased demand for non-invasive diagnostic procedures, opportunities for MRI technicians continue to grow. MRI techs can further their careers by specialising in other imaging techniques, such as computed tomography or mammography, or by moving into a management or educational role.

An MRI technician can work at the following places:

  • Private Hospitals
  • Government Hospitals
  • Public Health Centres
  • Nursing Homes

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